Shut down antivirus software

Often when installing software you will be advised to switch off your antivirus program. Here's why. (See all security software reviews.)

QUESTION I run Trend Micro as my antivirus software and prior to attempting to installing System Mechanic, from a PC Advisor cover disc, I was directed to exit my current antivirus program. When I did exit it, I was directed to uninstall my antivirus program. Does this mean that Trend Micro is not compatible run alongside System Mechanic? (See also: Group test: what's the best security software?)

HELPROOM ANSWER Many applications, especially those which perform low-level modifications such as System Mechanic, ask you to disable antivirus software during the installation process. This is simply to prevent the antivirus software from getting in the way of the installation by attempting to prevent it from making changes to your system.

However, disabling or exiting the antivirus software isn't the same thing as uninstalling it completely. All you need to do is temporarily turn it off Trend Micro Antivirus during the installation of System Mechanic and then re-enable it.

If you have already uninstalled Trend Micro Antivirus, we suggest you re-install it after installing System Mechanic so that you remain protected against malware.

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