Move Firefox bookmarks from Windows to Linux

How to move Firefox bookmarks from one PC to another, regardless of what operating system you are using. How to move Firefox bookmarks from XP to Linux.

QUESTION I've decided to ditch Windows XP and move to Linux Mint, as I heard it's one of the easier versions to get along with. My question is, can I move all my Firefox bookmarks over from Windows XP in one go? I can't see how to do it.

ANSWER Yes, you certainly can do this. Firefox, being written for many different operating systems, allows you to export and import your bookmarks freely between different versions.

First, you need to export your bookmarks from Firefox on Windows XP. The exact steps you must take will vary depending on how recent your copy of Firefox is, but the principle remains the same.

Start up Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+B to bring up the bookmarks library. At the top, you should see the option "Import and Backup". Click this and then select Backup to make a backup file of all your bookmarks in JSON format. You'll need to access this file from Linux Mint, so copy it to somewhere where you can see it from Linux, or put it on a USB flash drive.

Now on Linux Mint, you do the reverse: Start up Firefox.

On the Windows XP system, start up Firefox and open the Bookmarks Library, then select Restore to load the bookmarks from your backup file.

If you have any problems reading the backup file, or if you want to transfer bookmarks between different browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome,  you can try using the Export Bookmarks to HTML option instead, using the corresponding Import Bookmarks from HTML command on Linux Mint.

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