A hoax is circulating on Twitter suggesting that changing your birthday to 2007 will enable Dark Mode. It sounds stupid, and that's because it is.

We created a new Twitter account for testing purposes, and the odd thing is Twitter never actively asks for your birthday in the first place, despite warning you that it has a minimum age limit of 13 years.

To add your birthday you need to go to Settings, Your Twitter Data, enter your password and then scroll down to and click on 'Add your birth date' next to Birth date.

If you attempt to put in a birthday with the year 2007, no warning will pop up suggesting you're doing anything wrong, but when you next try to click off that page you'll get a message saying your account has been locked.

How to unlock your Twitter account

To unlock your account you will need to click here, then supply photographic evidence of your actual birthday. A driver's licence, passport or birth certificate will be ample.

Here's how to actually enable Dark Mode on Twitter, or at least the closest thing it has to that right now:

How to enable Night Mode on Twitter

Twitter Night Mode

  • Launch the Twitter app
  • Tap your profile icon at the top left
  • Choose 'Settings and privacy'
  • Under General select 'Display and sound'
  • Tap Night mode
  • Choose Off, On or Automatic at Sunset

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