The TweetDeck app has been discontinued, so we explain which Twitter apps to get for Android and iPhone. 

If you have been using the TweetDeck app to use Twitter on your iPhone or Android phone, you may have noticed that it stopped working a month or so ago. There's nothing wrong with your phone, it's just that TweetDeck has been discontinued by its developer. Our Helproom Editor explains what's going on, and how to continue getting your Twitter kicks when you are on the move. See also: Best Android apps and Best iPhone and iPad apps.

TweetDeck isn't working on Android

QUESTION I have been using TweetDeck for Twitter on my Android phone, but recently it stopped working and won’t download any Tweets. Can you help?

ANESWER TweetDeck has discontinued the iPhone, Android and Adobe AIR-based apps and this is why they have stopped working. TweetDeck will instead focus instead on Web-based versions. So nothing is broken on your phone, this is simply because TweetDeck has permanently “turned off” the app as of July 25 2013.

There are many alternative Twitter apps available for Android, as a quick search of the Google Play Store will reveal. The official Twitter app is an obvious, but very basic, alternative. Also take a look at Plume, which comes in free and premium versions, or Falcon Pro for a fully-featured paid-for app.

For iPhone we like the official Twitter app, too, as well as Echofon.

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