Messenger, Facebook’s standalone communication app, is one of the social media giant’s most popular offerings. The platform makes it easy to stay in touch via texts, video chats, or group conversations. But, if you want to log out when you’ve finished catching up, or have left your ID active on a device that you don’t have with you, then it can be a bit tricky to find where the relevant settings live.

We show you the quick way to log out of Facebook Messenger on your iOS or Android device.

Logging out on an iOS device

While it might seem perfectly sensible to expect the log out setting to be in the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad, that isn’t the case. Instead, you’ll need to go through the Facebook app itself.

To find the log out option, open the Facebook app then tap the three lines icon in the bottom right corner.

Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Settings.

On the next page go to the section entitled Security and tap on the Security and Login option.

how to log out of messenger

Now you’ll find, under the heading Where You’re Logged In a list of the devices and locations that are currently active. Beneath the name of the device you should see whether you’re logged into the Facebook App or Messenger.

Find the one you want to remove, if it’s not listed as the two most recent devices just tap the See more option, then tap the three dots to the right of its name. This opens up a dialog box from which you can tap Log Out to disable the session.

Logging out on Android

As with on iOS, you’ll need to use the full Facebook app to logout of Messenger. To do this, open Facebook and tap on the three lines in the top right corner.

From the menu that appears select the following Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and login. You’ll see a section with the heading Where you’re logged in which displays all of your current active devices and shows if they are logged into the Messenger or Facebook app.

how to log out of messenger

Find the one you want to disable, which might be listed in the See more section if it’s not one of the two most recent, then tap the three dots to the right of its name. Finally, choose Log Out to secure your account once more.

Logging out via the Facebook website

If you don’t have the device you want to logout, you can still disable it via the Facebook website. To do this, open your browser and go to Facebook. With your account logged in, click on the downwards facing arrow in the top right corner and select Settings.

how to log out of messenger

On the next page you’ll see a column of options on the left side. Click on Security and login.

how to log out of messenger

Now, from the section marked Where you’re logged in find your device and click on the three dots to the right of its name, then select Log Out.

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