Privacy is an important part of online life, and your search history can tell people a lot about you. This is why we recommend having a clear out on a regular basis. This holds true for browsers and social media feeds such as Instagram. You may not be trying to hide anything, of course, and just want to clear out those hashtags and accounts that aren't interesting to you any more.

Here are the steps to take to delete your Instagram search history.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Tap on your Profile
  3. Tap the three lines icon at the top of the page
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Privacy and security
  6. Tap Clear search history
  7. Tap Clear search history again

And this is how to do it in more detail. Open the app on your phone and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. On the next screen, tap the three lines icon in the upper right corner then select Settings at the bottom of the page.

how to delete instagram search history  

This opens up a new set of options, from which you’ll want to select Privacy and security then scroll down until you find Clear search history. Tap this and then tap the blue Clear search history option that appears.

how to delete instagram search history

That’s it. If you visit the Search and Explore section of Instagram now, by tapping the magnifying glass icon, you should find your previous search terms have been deleted. 

A word of caution though, on its site Instagram states the following, ‘Keep in mind that clearing your search history is temporary, and that searches you clear may reappear in your history after you search for them again.’

We’re not sure why this is the case, and it does seem to go against the point of clearing a search history, so bear in mind that if you’re using Instagram then you don’t really have total control over your data and usage. Should this give you pause for thought, and it probably should, then there is always the option of leaving the platform and moving to another photo sharing services such as Smugmug, Flickr, or 500PX.

If you want to pursue this route, then you might also want to know How to delete Instagram (or temporarily disable it).

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