There used to be an RSS button on YouTube that allowed users to create RSS feeds of YouTube searches with a single click. Even though that is no longer the case, creating an RSS feed of a YouTube search is straightforward. Our Helproom Expert explains how.

QUESTION How can I create an RSS feed of a YouTube search? There used to be an RSS button I could click on, but now it doesn't seem to be there. Sarah

HELPROOM ANSWER If you want to subscribe to a YouTube search via an RSS feed, you can construct the link URL yourself. This might seem like a scary prospect if you're not used to that sort of thing, but it's actually rather simple.

The first part of your link will look like this:

To this you must add your required search terms, with '.rss' at the end. Any spaces in your search term must be replaced with %20. To create an RSS feed for the YouTube search 'PC Advisor', for example, you would need to use

You can use this URL in your preferred RSS reader. If you were to type this URL directly into your browser's address bar you would see that you are redirected to a different URL with a somewhat more complex version of your link.

This is because YouTube's more recent and preferred method of constructing RSS feeds is via the YouTube API, and your URL has automatically been converted into a query using the new method.

Using the API allows you much more control and flexibility over searching and how the results are sorted. You can find full information on searching for videos via the YouTube API at

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