No doubt you use your BlackBerry's Bluetooth connection for no more than a hands-free headset or ear piece so you can drive or take notes during conversations. But did you know you can transfer files such as photos, voice notes and songs from your BlackBerry to other compatible mobile devices using Bluetooth? We've put together a guide to doing just that

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4. Set devices to 'Trust' each other

Select the device with which you want to transfer files from your list of Paired Devices, within your Bluetooth Options. Then hit your BlackBerry Menu key, and set the Trusted field to Yes. You'll have to do this for both devices. (If you want to do a one-time transfer, you should return to this menu when you're finished and reset the Trusted field to either Prompt or No.)

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5. Transfer file

Using the device that you want to receive the transferred file, click Media on the icon screen. Then select Music, Videos, Pictures, Ring Tones or Voice Notes, depending on what type of file you wish to send. Hit your BlackBerry Menu key while inside the media type folder and choose Receive Using Bluetooth. A Waiting for Connection box will then appear.

Pick up the device you want to use to send the file, and click Media on its icon screen. Again, choose what media type you wish to send; Videos, Voice Notes, Pictures, etc and then highlight the specific file. Click your BlackBerry Menu button, choose Send Using Bluetooth, and voila, the file is transferred.

Finally, you need to select the location to which to save the transferred file using the recipient device, and you're good to go.

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