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eBay has been in the news this week following confirmation that its database containing encrypted passwords and other data has been hacked in late-February and early March. To protect your eBay account you simply need to reset your password; here's how to change your eBay password. Also see: Security Advisor 

Although no foul play has been detected on eBay users' accounts, it is still possible that the company's 128 million users could fall victim to unauthorised behaviour if they don't take steps to protect their account. 

eBay has said it will inform users of the urgent need to update their password, yet two days after the news broke we've yet to receive an alert - and there's no obvious warning when you log into the site, either. Don't wait for eBay to get its act in gear: if you use eBay, you need to change your password now. Here's exactly how to do that. 

How to change your eBay password 

Step 1. Log into eBay with your existing username and password, then click on My eBay at the top-right of the page. 

Change eBay password step 1

Step 2. Select the Account tab, then choose Personal information. 

Change eBay password step 2

Step 3. Under 'User ID and Password Information' you'll see your Password and an Edit option. Click this. 

  Change eBay password step 3

Step 4. Oh, here's that message that eBay is forcing users to reset their passwords after 21 May. It probably could have been a bit more obvious.Enter the email address registered to your eBay account, then click Continue. 

Change eBay password step 4

Step 5. You can now choose to have eBay either send you an email to reset your password, or text you a PIN. We chose the email option. This could take up to five minutes to arrive; if it doesn't, and it isn't in your Spam folder, click the option to Request another email. 

Change eBay password step 5

Step 6. Check your inbox for a message from eBay, then either click the link in that email or copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.  

You can now enter your new password, then re-enter it to ensure it is spelled correctly and press Submit. 

Change eBay password step 6

Your password must be at least six characters, with at least one alternative-case letter, number or symbol. 

How to change your eBay password: Create a secure password 

If you are going to change your eBay password, now is a great time to swap your existing password for a secure, alphanumeric password that will not be easily guessed. You'll find instructions on how to create a secure password for your eBay account in our article: How to create a strong password.

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