The ability to block websites is something everyone should know how to do, as it can increase your security and help protect you online. Using the Block Site extension for Google Chrome, you can block websites from being accessed or from appearing within Google searches.

If you're worried about keeping yourself safe online then we have a guide for that too.

How to block websites in Google Chrome

  • Head on over to the webstore and find the Block Site application page. Hit the ‘Add to Chrome’ button at the top right of the page.

How to block websites in Google Chrome

  • You will be asked to confirm your choice, hit ‘Ok’ and the installation will continue and complete.
  • You will now have the Block Site icon at the top right of your browser as seen below.

Block site extension

  • Click on it and the below panel will open up. Here you can block the current website you’re on by hitting ‘Block this site’ or block a specific site by hitting ‘Edit block sites list’ and entering the address of a site manually.

Block site options

  • Hitting ‘Edit block sites list’ will open up the below page, where you can add or remove websites to your block list.

Manually add websites to blocklist

  • On the left side of the page you will see a settings option. Clicking this will bring up a few choices, including adding password access to blocked pages. Upon clicking these check boxes, you will be prompted to enter a password.

Block site options

  • You can add as many sites as you would like to this list, and the password protection means that these can only be altered by you.

This software makes it that much easier to ensure the safety or you and your family online, and with it being so easy to set up and edit, it's easily accessible to everyone.