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  • WhatsApp Hack: How to Secure your Account


    WhatsApp users are being urged to update their app to avoid a spyware attack

    16 May 2019

  • How to Protect your Computer from ZombieLoad Attack

    how to protect pc zombieload attack

    Windows, Mac and Linux PCs running post-2011 Intel processors are vulnerable to ZombieLoad

    15 May 2019

  • How to watch The Twilight Zone in the UK

    twilight zone log

    Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot is out now in the US - but how can you watch from the UK?

    13 May 2019

  • Most Common Facebook Scams (& How To Avoid Them)

    popular facebook scams

    With users sharing whatever they like at the click of a button, Facebook is a breeding ground for scams

    08 May 2019

  • How to browse anonymously on Android

    browse anonymously on android main

    Protect your privacy online with these apps and tips for Android

    30 Apr 2019

  • How to hide your IP address

    how to hide your ip address online

    We explain why it's a good idea to hide your IP address when browsing the web, and how you can do that

    30 Apr 2019

  • How to Remove a Virus From Your Computer

    remove virus windows 1600

    Clean up and restore any Windows PC or laptop after a virus, spyware or other malware infection

    29 Apr 2019

  • How to remove spyware from PC or laptop

    how to remove spyware from pc and laptop

    Think your PC is spying on you? Here's what to do

    23 Apr 2019

  • Most Common WhatsApp Scams

    most common whatsapp scams

    Free shopping vouchers, dodgy links and malware, number transfer requests - all the WhatsApp scams you should recognise and delete

    23 Apr 2019

  • How to protect your PC from CCleaner hack

    protect pc ccleaner hack

    Some 2.27 million PC users have been affected by a CCleaner attack in August. Here's how to stay safe

    16 Apr 2019

  • How to set up a VPN in Windows

    how to use a vpn on windows

    Encrypt your internet browsing and access region-locked content with a VPN

    16 Apr 2019

  • How to use a VPN on Android

    how to use a vpn on android main

    Keep your activity and data private by using a VPN on your Android phone and tablet

    12 Apr 2019

  • How to speed up CyberGhost

    how to speed up cyberghos

    If you're experiencing slow speeds using CyberGhost, here are the quick fixes you can try

    10 Apr 2019

  • How to access blocked websites

    beat a web filter vpn

    Our guide to getting round web filters with VPNs, proxies, Tor and more

    26 Mar 2019

  • How to watch All 4 abroad

    all 4 logo

    All 4 (a.k.a. 4oD) is UK-only - here's how to get around that and watch your favourite Channel 4 shows from abroad

    26 Mar 2019

  • How to manually remove an infected file from your computer


    A virus can spread through your computer from just a single bad file.

    21 Mar 2019

  • Do you need antivirus on Android?

    android antivirus 1600

    Security software for your laptop and PC, yes, but your phone and tablet?

    18 Mar 2019

  • How to speed up NordVPN

    how to speed up nordvpn main

    Here’s what you can do to speed up your internet when using NordVPN

    14 Mar 2019

  • How to set up a router with NordVPN

    how to set up nord vpn router

    Installing NordVPN on your router means every device gets a protected, private internet connection

    14 Mar 2019

  • How to watch blocked YouTube videos from other countries

    youtube logo png 2069

    Here's how to watch YouTube videos that aren't available in your country or region

    07 Mar 2019

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