Epson Stylus SX415

Our Helproom Editor explains how to check and fix an inkjet printer that is displaying colours incorrectly. It's probably to do with the ink cartridges or their installation.

QUESTION: My Epson Stylus SX415 isn't printing the correct colours in any images. The prints always seem to have a blue shade and no other colours are showing up. I've checked all the cartridges – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – and they are all nearly full. Why this is happening and how I can solve this problem?

HELPROOM ANSWER If you've just changed the ink cartridges, especially if you're not using original Epson ones, then there may be a problem with the cartridges themselves or the installation. However, assuming the printer has previously been printing correctly with these cartridges installed, this is most likely due to a clogged print head.

Your printer comes with a utility called 'Nozzle Check', which will test the nozzles in the print head and help you diagnose the problem. If you can't find this software, you can also run the nozzle check directly from the printer by using the menu buttons.

Users of other inkjet printers will find similar tools available, as this is a common issue with the inkjet system, especially if you haven't been printing for a while. Don't over-use the feature, though, as it can consume a very large amount of ink when cleaning the nozzles.

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