We show you how to edit and print photos from an iPad using a great free appIn association with Kodak.

In this video we're taking a look at how to edit and print your photos from your iPad.

Amongst the new features on the iPad 3, the HD retina display rightly caught the eye as a real upgrade on the previous model. The screen resolution of over 3.1 million pixels is the most ever on a mobile device and is over a million more than an HD TVSee also: Best iPhone apps & Best iPad apps.

The launch of the iPad 3 has also led to many developers updating their apps to adapt to the new high-resolution display. These developments are moving the iPad 3 from being purely a consumption device to being a creative device. Other tablets are sure to follow suit. Now one of the issues with the ipad is that if you haven't got an Airprint compatible printer you are going to struggle printing from it directly.

There are however a number of photo apps that will allow you to print wirelessly to non-Airprint devices. Kodak's new Pic Flick HD app now allows you to access, edit and print your photos wirelessly to a Kodak printer on your network. For quick fixes you can view, zoom, crop or rotate your photos quickly and easily using the app. You can also do more complex edits on other apps and just use the Pic Flick HD app to print wirelessly once you're done.

Now you may ask “why not just buy an Airprint printer?” and I guess the answer would be that by downloading a free app you have all the Airprint functionality but get to choose from a much wider range of printers meaning you get the printer that best suits your printing needs.

Our conclusion, the iPad 3 is forcing app developers to up their game and that can only be good for you, the consumer.