How to rotate video captured on your smartphone

How to rotate video clips that come out upside-down. And how to shoot video on your phone the right way around. 

Our Helproom Editor explains how to capture video on a smartphone so that the clip comes out in the correct orientation. (See also: Tips for taking great smartphone photos.)

QUESTION Why are most of the videos I shoot with my Samsung Galaxy S3 coming out upside-down? Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

HELPROOM ANSWER This happens when you're holding the phone horizontally to shoot in landscape format and the record button is on the left. When holding the phone this way around you are effectively shooting upside-down, but the on-screen display is automatically rotated so it looks the right way up. These videos will play back the right way up on the phone, but if you copy them over to a PC via USB they can play back upside-down.

An easy way to deal with this is to use a utility to rotate the video for you on your PC.  

We've successfully used Video Flip and Rotate from DVDVideoSoft. If you install it, be sure to do a custom installation and uncheck any of the toolbars and other unwanted options it will otherwise install by default. Now you know this, just remember to hold your phone the other way up when you shoot more video.

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