Having problems viewing photos from your PC or laptop on your TV? Our Helproom Expert can help.

QUESTION I bought a VGA cable to transfer pictures from my Acer Travelmate 2410 laptop to a Sony Bravia TV. I followed the instructions given in the TV manual, but the PC reports 'No signal'. Is this because I have a digibox connected to the aerial? aicogirl

HELPROOM ANSWER To make your laptop work with your TV you will need to set up both the TV and the laptop correctly. On the TV, the correct channel may need to be manually selected. On Bravia TVs with a VGA input, you usually need to select the input labelled 'PC'.

On the laptop, make sure the external display is enabled. You can usually do this by holding down the Fn key and pressing F5. Each time you press F5 it will cycle through various permutations of running the laptop screen, the laptop screen and the TV together and the TV screen alone.

If the 'Fn+F5' combination doesn't work, it may be being overridden by the control panel for the laptop's built-in graphics processor. If this is the case, look for its blue icon in your System Tray or Control Panel. It should contain all the options you need to enable and configure the external display.

You may need to adjust the resolution of the display to match the shape and resolution of your TV. Do this in the same way as you would with a PC monitor.

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