The Series Record function on PVR services such as Sky and Freeview+ allows Brits to set their device to automatically record a specific show whenever it is on so you never miss an episode. However, what you may not know is the BBC's online catch-up TV service, BBC iPlayer, also offers the same function. Series Record on iPlayer will automatically download programmes in a series to your PC as soon as they're available, rather than you having to keep checking to see if they're ready to watch. It's worth noting this function is only available on the iPlayer Desktop application for your PC and not the web-based service. We've already shown you how to install BBC iPlayer Desktop application and download programmes, but here's how to use the Series record function.

Step one
From the iPlayer website, select the programme you want to add to Series Record and press the download options button underneath the main video window.

Step two
From the drop down menu, select Series Record and the function will be enabled for that TV series. It's worth noting, not all programmes are available on Series record (for example sorting events) and the option will be greyed out in this instance. Furthermore, if there's no internet connection when the programme is made available, it won't be downloaded until web access is next available.

Step three
Alternatively, open the BBC iPlayer Desktop application and any programmes you have previously downloaded, can be added to Series record by pressing the icon located to the right-hand side of the programme in the Available now list. If an episode of a show that's on Series Record has not been played within 30 days, iPlayer will automatically suspend the Series Record function on this show. However, next time the desktop application is opened, you'll be alerted to the fact and you'll be able to reinstate Series Record.

Step four
To remove Series Record, simply click the Series Record icon again in the Available Now list and you'll be asked to confirm you want to pause downloading.