If you want to give your digital photographs an 'arty' feel then converting a colour image to black and white is one of the best ways to achieve this. However, if you didn't snap the image in black and white, a feature that's available on most of today's digital cameras, don't panic. Using an image editor, such as Photoshop, will allow you change the colour of the image at a later date. But before you splash the cash on expensive software, it's worth noting there's a number of free photo editors available that offer the same features and functions but without the price tag.

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 is part of Microsoft's Windows Live suite of free tools. It lets you organise, manage and make basic edits to digital photos, such as turning an image black and white, as well as creative tools to help ensure the final result is the 'perfect' shot.

Step one
Start by downloading Windows Live Photo Gallery from Microsoft's dedicated Windows Live site. You'll need to register for a free Windows Live ID if you don't already have one. Log into your account, then follow the prompts to install Photo Gallery. You can choose to download the entire suite or just Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Step two
Photo Gallery will trawl your hard drive for photographs, then display them in a similar fashion to Windows Explorer. From here, double click on the image you want to change the colour off, to display is full screen in the editing area.

Step three
From the Adjustments section at the top of the Window, click on Fine tune. To the right of the image, select Adjust Colour.

Step four
On the right-hand side of the window, three sliders will be displayed. Moving the Saturation slider to the left will remove all colour and turn the picture black and white. Press Close file to save your changes.