We demonstrate how to stream your favourite snaps from a camera, your Facebook profile or an online photo-sharing site to a compatible digital photo frame.

Many of us have a sizeable collection of digital photos languishing on hard drives or camera media cards. Despite the attractions of viewing treasured snaps on a digital photo frame, it seems like a hassle to go through the photos, pick a suitable selection and load them on to its memory.

An easier alternative is to simply insert the camera’s memory card into the frame, but then you have no way of managing which photos appear onscreen – and you don’t necessarily want all your shots to be on public display anyway. A camera isn’t much use without its memory card in any case.

An obvious solution is to buy a second memory card – SD Cards can be picked up for around £10 each these days. But a better – if more expensive – solution is to buy a wireless memory card, such as the £49 Eye-Fi Geo X2.

Such memory cards let you send images stored on them directly to a PC, laptop or online photo archive, then wipe the memory and carry on shooting. Once online, you can organise your images and stream them to a compatible photo frame.

The Kodak Pulse digital photo frame supports this mode of photo sharing. You can assign it an email address, thus allowing friends and family to add their own pictures, or perhaps consider giving one as a gift so that others can see the images you’ve selected for them.

Our second workshop explains how to stream images stored online, at Kodak Gallery or on Facebook, to the Pulse.

For owners of other digital frames, our first workshop demonstrates how to achieve the same result using Windows Live. With 25GB of free storage, Windows Live lets you show off a good number of photos in the form of an RSS feed. FrameIt (also free) then delivers this stream to any photo frame that has both Wi-Fi and feed support.

Share photos wirelessly using an RSS feed

Step 1. If you haven’t already got a Windows Live account, register at login.live.com. Choose a Windows Live ID and password, then enter your details and press Sign-up. You’ll receive a verification email shortly. You’re now ready to begin uploading your photos to Windows Live.

Photo RSS 1

Step 2. Click the Photos tab, choose ‘Create an album’, name it and specify a privacy setting. You can share your photos with everyone, friends and their friends, friends only, a selection of friends or just yourself. Click Next. On the next page, click Browse and begin uploading images to your Windows Live photo album.

Photo RSS 2

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