It's always been relatively easy to send photos to people because they don't contain a lot of data. Sending videos, on the other hand, is usually much more difficult particularly if they're larger in size. We're going to show you a swift and easy way to send larger video files to friends, family or colleagues.

How to send video files: Cloud storage

If you are reading this piece you probably want to send the video file rather than simply sharing it on YouTube or Facebook. One of the best ways to do this is to use a cloud service, and we have an article recommending the best ones right here.

Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular services you may have heard of, and they're useful for all your storage needs too. We have an article on how to use DropBox and an explainer on Google Drive's transition to Google One.

Once you have access to your storage service, you can upload a file into the cloud and download it again anywhere you have access to an internet connection. You can also share files to people too, granting them access to download it.

How to send video files: Free sending services

If you're looking for a quick and simple solution to sending a large file, then look no further than WeTransfer.

This service will send large files for you (under 2GB) for free, although it does also come with a paid option that comes with more benefits.

Simply head over to, select free or premium, and you'll then be greeted with the screen below.

How to send large video files step 1

  • Add the file you wish to send using the 'Add your files' option
  • Enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to send it to
  • Enter your own e-mail address
  • Add an optional message if you wish

Once this has been done, hit 'Transfer' and your file will be uploaded.

The recipient of your file will receive an e-mail from WeTransfer. This e-mail will contain a link to download the file. It's just as simple as that.