Our Helproom Editor explains how to print photos at a size of your choice.

QUESTION I've scanned some photos and want to enlarge them for printing. I can make them bigger onscreen, but they still print at the same size. I'm running Windows 7, with no other photo-editing software installed. Please help.

HELPROOM ANSWER Windows 7 and Windows 8 offer some flexibility in printing photos. Select and right-click one or a number of photos in Windows Explorer, then choose Print to bring up the Print Pictures dialog. This lets you specify the paper size and type, the image quality, and various formatting options.

If you want each image to fill an entire sheet of paper, select 'Full page photo' from the selection of formats on the right. You can also choose from other common sizes, which may or may not print multiple images per page, depending on your paper size.

Your photos may not be the same shape as the paper you're using, of course. The 'Fit picture to frame' option ensures your photo fills the page, but it will crop off the edges where necessary to make it fit. Leave this option disabled if you'd rather print the entire image and trim off the excess paper.

Windows will automatically apply some sharpening to the image when printing. If you'd prefer this not to happen, click the Options link at the bottom of the dialog box and then disable sharpening in the Print Settings box that pops up.

For more control over the print size, right-click your photo and select Edit to open Windows Paint or another installed image editor. In Paint choose Print, Page Setup, then adjust the margin size and select a percentage magnification of the original image. You can preview how it will look using the Print Preview option.

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