The BBC's online TV on demand service, iPlayer, is great for catching up on any shows you may have missed when they were first broadcast on TV. Although, you'll need a net connection to be able to stream content from the web-based version of iPlayer.

However, by installing the BBC iPlayer Desktop application, you can download programmes from the service to your PC, ensuring you can watch them even when there's no internet-connection. Here's how to install BBC iPlayer Desktop and download and watch the BBC's content - although due to complex licences, not all shows that are broadcast on TV are available for use on the desktop application.

Step one
Start by installing the BBC iPlayer desktop application from its dedicated web page. It's worth noting you'll also need Adobe Air to run this software.

Step two
Now return to the BBC iPlayer website and select the show you want to download. From the menu below the main video screen, click on Download options and then select For iPlayer desktop.

Step three
The download will begin. Open the iPlayer desktop application and it will appear in the Coming soon tab. By clicking on the programme title you'll be presented with a progress bar to show what percentage of the programme has been downloaded, the estimated time left along with a brief synopsis of the show and the ability to cancel or pause the download.

Step four
Once the download has been completed, the programme will appear in the Available Now section located under the Downloads tab. To begin watching the TV show, simply click on the programme.