One of our favourite apps in Google Chrome's Web Store is Matilda. Here, we show you how to use this free tool to create online photo albums that you can share and collaborate on with others.

Step 1. Getting started with Chrome’s Web Apps is sublimely simple. First ensure you’re using Google Chrome 8.0 or 9.0; update your web browser if required. Create or log into your Google account and head to the Web Store. Click on any of the categories to start exploring the apps and extensions.

Matilda Web App 1

Step 2. Of the wealth of photo apps available in Chrome’s Web Store, we were most impressed by Matilda. This simple but brilliant app can be found in the ‘Social and Communication’ section, and specialises in simplifying the organising, synchronising, collaborating and sharing of your photos online.

Matilda Web App 2

Step 3. Install the app and you’ll be greeted by Matilda’s home page. You can scroll down to learn more about the various features the app offers, or cut to the chase and click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button to register your account. This is straightforward, and requires only an email address and a password.

Matilda Web App 3

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Step 4. Create an album on the app’s Dashboard. You can store up to 200 photos per album, and each album can be divided into various chapters. As well as offering an Upload function for adding photos from your hard drive, Matilda also supports drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer.

Matilda Web App 4

Step 5. Sharing albums with your friends is simplified with Matilda. To allow others to contribute images to one of your existing albums, click the Collaborate button. Matilda offers a URL that you can include in an email. The recipient doesn’t even need a Matilda account to add their images to your album.

Matilda Web App 5

Step 6. With your photo album complete, Matilda offers to publish your creative efforts to a blog. This process is largely automated, provided that your album is sorted into chapters. Matilda builds the blog on your behalf, although you can add your own text and themes. You can then send it by email to family and friends.

Matilda Web App 6

Step 7. Matilda is also able to sync with an iPhone. Take a picture on your phone and it’ll automatically upload it to the web app. This automatic synching also works in the opposite direction. Matilda does a good job of dealing with conflicts when changes are made on the phone and in the app simultaneously.

Matilda Web App 7