Philips Monitor

If your monitor keeps displaying the message 'OSD is now locked' or 'OSD is now unlocked' it is likely you have an internal hardware problem, a software problem or just a sticky button. Our Helproom Editor can assist.

QUESTION I'm having trouble with my Phillips 170B6CS/10 monitor. A message keeps flashing up onscreen that states 'OSD is now locked' or 'OSD is now unlocked'. I have tried everything I can think of to stop this, all to no avail. Please can you help?

HELPROOM ANSWER The messages you're seeing relate to a feature designed to disable or enable the control buttons on the front of the monitor. If this is happening without you pressing any buttons, it could point to an internal hardware problem with the monitor, or simply a sticky control button.

Some monitors let you adjust their settings via a desktop utility. It's possible that such a utility may be controlling this feature of your monitor in response to a particular key combination. Your 170B6CS/10 uses a utility called FP Adjust, so have a look to see whether you have that installed. You might like to try plugging the monitor into a different PC to see whether the problem persists.

If the same issue occurs on a different PC, it would suggest a problem within the monitor itself. If the problem happens only on the original PC then it could be a software issue.

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