FORUM QUESTION I want to install a second hard drive for backup purposes. I think I have a SATA drive at present. How can I be sure, and how do I go about installing a new drive? Daiol

HELPROOM ANSWER The photo you supplied was useful. Yes, you have a SATA drive currently fitted in your PC. To find out what's installed in your PC you can use the Belarc Advisor on a site such as This takes an inventory of your hardware setup.

Adding a second SATA drive is easy. Make sure you order a new SATA cable along with the drive. To fit the new drive, power down the PC and unplug the PC from the mains, then discharge any static. Slot the new hard drive into a spare bay, connect the SATA and power cables and affix any associated retaining screws.

You don't need to worry about master and slave drives on a SATA drive. However, note down the SATA socket number because some motherboards require you to enter the Bios and enable the port in order to see the new drive. Switch your PC back on and, if prompted, go into Disk Management (go to Start, type computer management in the Search box, press Enter, then choose Disk Management) to 'initialise' the new disk and format or partition it. The whole process should take around 10 minutes.

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