Of the major new elements of design that were built into Windows 8 it was the touch capabilities that offered perhaps the most innovative new ways to use a PC or laptop. The variety of gestures allow you to interact with your computer on a whole new level.

Once you’ve got used to using the touch interface it can be tough to go back to a standard screen and, sadly many monitors still lack the ability to make the most of the new capabilities of Windows 8. However, plenty of touchscreen monitors are available, such as the Dell S2340T.

Running at a full HD resolution of 1920 x1080 the screen is pin sharp and offers superb colour accuracy. The innovative hinge stand makes it the perfect touch companion as you can adjust the monitor so that it’s just right for you and always comfortable to the touch.

This list of connection options is impressive too with HDMI DisplayPort, USB 3.0, Ethernet and both headphone and microphone options. The screen supports 10-point touch to help you get the most from all your touch apps.

The Dell S2340T is a great companion to a desktop PC, and because of the HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity it’s the perfect addition to a touch-enabled laptop too. Whether you’re watching movies or working on the office spreadsheets the S2340T is a fantastic addition to your computing setup.

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