Nvidia took to the stage at CES 2017 in Las Vegas on 4 January 2017 to showcase not only a more powerful Shield TV but a cloud-based gaming service for PC and Mac that could revolutionise gaming. If you missed out on the original announcement, don't worry - we've recapped all that was announced during the Nvidia CES 2017 keynote below. Read next: What to expect at CES 2017

Nvidia CES 2017 announcement as it happened: What did Nvidia announce at CES 2017?

Nvidia wowed fans at the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show on 4 January 2017 with the introduction of several new products, which we outline here.

Nvidia GeForce Now for PC and Mac

Nvidia GeForce Now for PC and Mac was the first product announcement during Nvidia's CES 2017 keynote and if you're thinking it sounds familiar, you'd be right: GeForce Now has been available as part of Nvidia's Shield TV setup since it was released last year, although the PC and Mac variants are slightly different.

While the Android TV-based service offers a library of games to play on-demand, the PC and Mac variants don't. Instead, users are able to access a Nvidia Pascal-powered PC via the cloud which will handle all the processing power required to play your games. Essentially, you can hook up your Steam, Origin and GOG accounts to your GeForce Now account, allowing access to your entire game library via the cloud. The best part is that because all the processing power is done in the cloud, even those with low-end PCs or Macs can have access to the latest AAA blockbuster games in high quality. 

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Nvidia Shield TV 4K

Along with GeForce Now for PC and Mac, Nvidia also announced a new variant of the Shield TV with a number of upgrades. The biggest upgrade is of course support for 4K HDR streaming, along with Google Assistant support and impressive performance - Nvidia claims that the new Shield TV boasts three times the performance of any other streaming box.

Like its predecessor, the new Nvidia Shield TV will run Android TV, but with a difference - it offers 4K HDR playback via Amazon Video, a rare feature for Android TV boxes. Along with Amazon Video, users can find 4K content via the likes of Netflix, Google Play Movies and Vudu. It's priced at around $200 with no UK pricing announced, and is expected to ship later this month. 

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Nvidia Spot 

Similar to Amazon's Echo Dot, Nvidia's Spot is a small peripheral to be used to communicate with Google Assistant via the Nvidia Shield TV. However, unlike Amazon's Dot, Spot will not work as a standalone device - it has to be connected to a Shield TV to work. According to the company, the microphone within the Spot is able to process audio from up to 20ft away, along with echo cancellation.

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