Why installing a solid-state drive is a good idea if you use your PC for video editing, and how to check for compatibility issues.

QUESTION I run a Dell Inspiron laptop with an AMD 6000 processor, 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 64bit. I'd like to install a 128GB solid-state disk (SSD) to act as a system drive. Will this improve performance with video editing and conversion? If so, what sort of SSD should I buy? Roger Weed

HELPROOM ANSWER Using an SSD for video editing is a good move, since the improved input/output can assist in rendering footage. There are other factors to bear in mind, however, depending on the video-editing package you're using.

As Windows 7 supports SSD features such as the Trim command (which allows the disk to perform efficient data cleansing), there should be no compatibility problems. And since you are to use the SSD in a laptop, neither will you have throughput issues – the latest SATA connections are included.

Desktop PC users looking to perform a similar upgrade would need to check whether the SATA interface is version 2 or 3, however, and perhaps invest in a faster SATA card to enable data to be moved on and around the drive with greater speed.

If you need any pointers on which SSD to buy, read the reviews on our website to help guide you.

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