This month our Helproom editor helps readers with upgrading a PC's motherboard, graphics card and memory, software problems with Google Chrome and Windows 7, and downloads that just won't... well... download! There's also a brief walk-through on using Facebook via a secure connection.

So let's get on with the questions, and remember you can get free tech support 24/7 in the PC Advisor Helproom Forum.

Reader AndrewC was having trouble upgrading his PC's OS, graphics card and RAM, so we told him how to upgrade an old PC to play 3D games.

Jane Laing on the other hand, was troubled by unexpected tabs in Google Chrome. We explained how to deal with Google Chrome 'flag switches' warning messages.

Now, we all know we should record all of the product keys of the software we use, but who does? M Higgins' friend certainly doesn't. We showed him or her how to find your Windows 7 product key.

Reader PH Johnson's PC was simply refusing to download anything. We showed them how to fix a PC that won't download files.

William Fisher had an odd problem. All the programs on his laptop had disappeared. We explained how to find lost software programs.

What to do if a crucial program such as Microsoft Word simply isn't responding? This was the issue faced by Zimani D Kadzamira. We showed them what to do when Microsoft Office programs are 'not responding'.

Edward Burton found that his PC vendor had changed the memory configuration from the system he had ordered. He asked: Are two separate memory modules better than one? And we told him. Just as we told John Culver how to connect an HDTV to the network to view iPlayer programmes and photos.

Peter Coward's PC was having trouble updating properly. We told him how to deal with a failed Windows update.

Meanwhile Michael McElligott had to install a new hard drive on his PC, and subsequently found that it could no longer record audio. We explained how to record sounds on your PC.

Unusually in our experience, William Bowles was upset because his PC was not properly running the Aero theme. We showed him how to run the Aero interface in Windows Vista.

The splendidly named Redsusan's PC would only boot up when she selected the correct OS from the Boot menu. We showed her how to delete the old OS when you upgrade your PC's operating system.

Whereas Cordarius Brown has a Sony Ericsson Vivaz that wasn't connecting to Facebook. It's a common problem, and here's the fix.

Finally, just for fun we decided to show you How to access Facebook via a secure connection.