Are you having trouble connecting your PC or laptop to a wireless network? If you are getting messages about the proxy server, it could be that your computer is attempting to use a proxy server for some reason. Our Helproom Editor explains how to solve this problem, as well as what the Wrench menu is in Google Chrome.

QUESTION I recently hooked up a D-Link wireless router to my Sony Vaio all-in-one PC running Windows 7. Intermittently I receive the following message: 'Unable to connect to Proxy Server - Error 130 (net::ERR_Proxy_Connection_Failed) : Proxy server connection failed'. I don't know what this means, but my internet connection works fine. Google Chrome suggests making a change to the Wrench menu, whatever that is. Roger Cookson

HELPROOM ANSWER The Wrench menu is simply Google Chrome's settings menu, accessible via an icon shaped like a spanner, found immediately to the right of the address bar. If Chrome is referring to this tool as a wrench rather than a spanner, then you aren't using the British English version of the browser.

If you aren't purposely using a proxy server to browse the web, click the Wrench icon and choose Options, 'Under the Hood', 'Change proxy settings', LAN Settings. Disable 'Use a proxy server for your LAN', then click Ok twice to save your changes.

For readers who are using the British English version of Chrome, instead click the spanner icon and choose Settings, 'Under the bonnet' to find the 'Change proxy settings' menu.

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