A tablet PC is a great way to surf the web, read emails and even catch-up on TV while you're on the go, especially since it's much more comfortable looking at a tablet's larger screen compared to the smaller display of a smartphone. But, if you've got a Wi-Fi only tablet PC, and there's no wireless network in range you're restricted from accessing the net.

However, owners of a Wi-Fi enabled tablet device, who also use a Google Android smartphone, actually have a solution at hand. You can turn your handset into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot using your device's 3G connection, and then connect your tablet to this to access the web, by implementing a process that's called 'tethering'.

Google introduced the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature in version 2.2 of the mobile platform, which is known as Froyo. Those with smartphones running Google Android 2.1 or lower, you'll need to download an app such as PDANet or Easy Tether. However, some handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S, offer a tethering function despite not running Android 2.2.

 Before you implement the steps below, smartphone owners should remember to check their network's terms and conditions on tethering (as under some networks it’s not allowed). Furthermore, keep an eye on your data allowance as depending on your web activities you could find yourself hitting your mobile data cap a lot quicker than you think, which subsequently could result in an unwanted charge

Step one
You’ll need to begin by turning on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot function on your Google Android handset. From the Home Screen, select the Settings menu. Then open Wireless & Networks and check the box next to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step two
Now press Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings to obtain the password to ensure your tablet can connect to the network.

Step three
Pick up your tablet and open the Settings menu. Select Wi-Fi Settings from the list displayed.

Step four
Select the handset from the list of Wi-Fi networks within range. In our case it was called AndroidAP9892.


Step five
Next you’ll be required to enter the password to access the Wi-Fi network. Press OK.

Step six
Now the tablet will obtain the IP address and when completed will connect to the network, letting you surf the web from your tablet to your heart’s content.