BlackBerry Z10 mobile hotspot

Using a smartphone as a mobile hotspot for other devices with Wi-Fi can be really handy. Here's how to use a BlackBerry as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Whether you're out and about, or your broadband internet is not working, using your smartphone's 3G or 4G data connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot is really helpful. You can connect multiple devices, like tablets and laptops, to it within minutes.

Before you setup your mobile hotspot, make sure your network operator allows tethering on your tariff. You should also be aware of any data limit you have so you don't accidentally incur any additional and unwanted charges.

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For this guide we've used a BlackBerry Z10 running the BlackBerry 10 operating system. However, older versions of the OS support mobile hotspots.

Step One

Enter the phone System Settings either by the app icon or from the drop down bar.

BlackBerry 10 settings

Step Two

Select Network Connections from the list.

BlackBerry 10 System Settings

Step Three

Select Mobile Hotspot from the list.

NB. You're mobile hotspot will not work if data is not switched on.

BlackBerry 10 Mobile Hotspot

Step Four

You'll now be taken through a number of setup stages. The first few are just information and warnings. Give these screens a read and hit Next when you're ready.

BlackBerry 10 Mobile Hotspot Warning

Step Five

You'll come to a screen asking you to set a password for your mobile hotspot. Enter a suitable password and hit Next.

BlackBerry 10 Mobile Hotspot Password

Your Wi-Fi hotspot is now setup and available to use. You can switch it on an off easily in the menu and if you wish to change certain settings, such as the name and the inactivity timer, then hit the Configure button at the bottom of the screen.

NB. If you wish, you can tether over USB or Bluetooth. For this method select Internet Tethering in the Network Connections menu.

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