Introducing iPhone Care Pro

You might love your iPad or your iPhone, but do you ever really feel in control? Can you tune it up when it starts to slow down, or fix the software if it starts to go wrong? Can you clear the storage space of junk without jumping through hoops, or backup and restore your data quickly, like you can on your PC or Mac? Most of all, can you transfer the music, films and TV programmes you want to enjoy without having to work your way around iTunes’ restrictions, or even install your own apps? In many cases the answer will be no, and while Apple will tell you it’s that way for your own protection, wouldn’t it be great to have a little more freedom sometimes?

A package like Tenorshare’s iPhone Care Pro can give you that freedom. Available for Windows and OSX, it’s a suite of six tools that put you in control of your iOS devices, so that you can transfer your own files, clean-up your storage, fix and repair iOS or even backup and restore your data without having to go through iTunes first. It works with all iOS devices, even those running the latest version of iOS, iOS 9.2, and continual updates will keep it working with iOS versions to come. Don’t be held back by poor tools or daft restrictions; with one affordable bit of software, you’re in charge. Go to and try it out.

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Fixing and Tuning

The most important thing iPhone Care Pro does is allow you to fix and tune iOS yourself. The more we use an iPhone or IPad, the more cache files, temporary files, unwanted logs and cookies it accumulates, not just taking up valuable storage but often slowing the whole device down. Click on iPhone Care Pro’s Speedup & Clean tool, however, and you’re given two easy ways to sort that out: a Quick Clean, which goes through and removes the majority of the junk and a Deep Clean which takes longer, but frees up more storage space. Whichever way you go, you should end up with more storage to play – up to 60% in some cases – and with and an iPhone or IPad that feels lighter on its feet.

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Manage your Own Files

iTunes is fine for managing a few tracks, videos and photos, but the larger your collections, the more you wish for a faster, more effective tool. Click on iPhone Care Pro’s Files Manager and you’ll find it. You can tackle your Contacts database, your Music, Video and Photo libraries. Even your notes, calendar and Safari bookmarks, all from within one interface. You can select items one by one, add new ones or delete them, and even export files directly to your Mac or PC. You don’t have to load iTunes at all.

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This can be a real boon when you’re iOS device is filling up, leaving you unable to take more photos or install more apps. Even getting rid of unwanted photos from your iPhone can be a challenge, with iOS hanging onto the files even post-deletion if you’re using iCloud to sync your photos. With iPhone Care Pro, you can just select your photos, transfer them to your computer and then ditch them, all with just a handful of clicks. You can manage files one at a time or click a checkbox to add them to a selection, making it easier to handle them in bulk. It’s almost effortless. Plus, if you’ve ever tried to remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone, you’ll appreciate how easily iPhone Care Pro tackles the job.

Plus, iPhone Care Pro lets you do one thing that you can never do through iTunes, and that’s install – or sideload – your own apps. For the obvious security reasons you need to be careful about where you source these apps from, but it’s one of the easiest ways to try an app in development before it makes it to the app store.

Recover your Device

iOS doesn’t often go down, but when it does it can be catastrophic. iPhones that refuse to boot or that get stuck looping through recovery mode are a real nightmare. Luckily, iPhone Care Pro can put your device back in action. Firstly, its Repair Operating System option downloads and then installs the latest version of iOS on your device, even going to the extent of re-locking an unlocked iPhone or iPad or pulling a jailbroken device back into the non-Jailbroken fold. And if you’re stuck with a device where the Home and Power buttons have stopped working, iPhone Care Pro gives you a way to get it back on its feet.

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There’s more

iPhone Care Pro isn’t finished yet, however. Use the Backup & Restore tool to make regular backups of your device’s storage direct to your Mac or PC’s hard disk, and you can restore apps and data to your iPad or iPhone after it’s restored with just a few clicks. Sure, there’s nothing here you couldn’t do with the iPhone’s recover mode, iCloud and iTunes, but iPhone Care Pro makes the whole process quicker and easier. It’s a better way to get a tough job done.

Meanwhile, iPhone Care Pro’s Ads Remove tool removes or blocks advertising from ad-supported apps, meaning you can use the apps you love without the ads that get on your nerves.

Combine all these features together with a slick, streamlined interface, and you have a powerhouse utility that puts you back in command. It’s available for both Windows and OSX, with the Windows version available at and the OSX version at At £22.74 (Windows) / £30.33 (MAC) it’s a steal, but you can download and try out all its functionality for 90 days, free.

iPhone Care Pro is just one of Tenorshare’s great tools. To see the full range, visit