There was a time when you needed an aerial to get access to live TV, but that has long past - today you can get access to a whole range of TV content directly to your smartphone, be it live TV or VODs (Videos on demand). We’re going to show you the apps you need to download to get access to live TV and VOD content.

How to watch UK TV on your Android or iOS device

All of the major distributors of live TV in the UK have their own application that you’ll need to download to get access to their live and VOD content. You’ll find a list of these below and all of these apps are free to download:

If you’re willing to spend a few pounds for a more premium service, then the two below grant you access to more exclusive content

There is another app called TVCatchup (for both iOS and Android) that provides you access to live TV from several of the distributors all in one app. You’ll have access to BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 - as more specific channels such as Cbeebies and BBC Four too.

This app is free but you will have to contend with some adverts while using it - but it’s still a great little hub if you’d like access to all your channels in one place.

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Freeview mobile app

For those of us who really love TV on the go and want a more organised experience, Freeview has created an App that functions as a nicely laid out TV guide - letting you know what is on, as well as displaying on-demand content across all the major distributors.

Freeview released its mobile app for iOS in January and while it’s not available for Android just yet, we should be seeing a release sometime in the spring.

Once you’ve had a browse of what is currently on offer, in both the Live and On-Demand sections of the guide, you can select the content you wish to watch and the app will then open up the correct application on your phone and play it for you.

This does mean that if you want to watch BBC content, through the Freeview app, for example, you’ll need the iPlayer installed on your phone too.

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