How to watch Amazon smartphone launch live

After many months of rumours, Amazon is about to finally reveal its first smartphone. Here's how you can watch live coverage of the Amazon phone launch event. See also: Amazon smartphone launch: 3 things to expect and 2 not to put your hopes on.

Many tech launches are hyped up and a physical venue means restrictions on how many people can attend. This tends to mean a live video stream to dramatically increase the amount of people who can join in. However, Amazon has decided not to go this way so there's no way of watching the event live. But don't worry because we've got you covered. For more detail see: Amazon 3D smartphone release date, price and spec.

We will be doing a live blog so you can keep up with all the news as it happens. We've got one of our US colleagues attending the event in Seattle. This means you can join us for live coverage later today – the event starts at 6:30 UK time so follow the link below and set an email reminder so you don't miss anything.

Amazon phone launch: live blog

Amazon 3D smartphone concept

You'll definitely want to tune in as this is the launch of Amazon's first own-brand phone – unless we've got the proverbial wrong end of the stick.  All signs and leaks point towards a smartphone following on from the Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets.

The headline feature of the Amazon phone will be some kind of 3D holographic effect which will be achieved with a combination of the screen and multiple cameras. The device is thought to have a front facing camera on each corner which will track the user's head and eye movements. See also28 best smartphones: The best phone you can buy in 2014

Whatever Amazon announces, tune into our live blog at 6:30pm to be the first to know. To whet your appetite, watch the teaser video below.