Last month, a researcher revealed Apple's iPhone, along with the iPad, logs a user's location using data from cell towers and Wi-Fi access points, in a file called consolidated.db. Every time an iPhone or iPad is synched, the data is transferred to the computer. The information is also transferred on to a new device should you upgrade from one iPhone to another.

Two weeks on, Apple has since released an update to its iOS mobile operating system that not only limits the amount of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower location data stored on Apple smartphones but will also delete the data if a user turns off location services. So read on for how to switch location services off.

Step one
From the Home Screen, open the Settings menu and select the General Option.

Step two
Press Location and then use the slider to switch Location Services off. It's worth noting Location Services are on by default.

Step three
Alternatively, you can manually decide if you want the apps on the phone to access the Location Services. Once again, these can be turned on or off by using the slider.