Smartphones are so-called because they allow access to lots of different activities as well as texting and calling. These include the ability to surf the web from your handset and even sync your device with an email account to read and send messages from your mobile phone. Apple's iPhone is no exception. They can easily be configured to access your email account. We show you how.

Step one
From the Home screen, press the Settings options.

Step two
From the list, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step three
Click Add Account at the top of the screen and then chose the relevant account from the selections available; these include Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo and MobileMe.

Step four
Now you'll be asked to enter the email address, the password and the username (in the case of Microsoft Exchange). Press Next.

Step five
Your handset will now try and automatically connect with your email account. If it works, your account will have been synced successfully. However, it may fail and display an error message. If this is the case, you'll need to enter the name of your company's exchange server. In the box that appears.

Step six
The handset will now try and establish a secure (SSL) connection to your Exchange Server. If this doesn't work, it'll try and create a non-SSL connection. Once successfully connected, you can pick which data you want to sync with the handset; Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Then press Save. It's worth noting, only three day's worth of email is accessible by default, but you can adjust this in the settings once the account has been established.