Want to improve your BlackBerry's battery life? Then first you'll need to understand which features and functions drain the power. Here's our seven tips to making your smartphone last longer.

6. Disable your camera's flash

If you employ your BlackBerry's digital camera frequently, but want to conserve battery life, you can turn off or adjust your camera's flash.

Using the flash once or twice probably won't have too much of an impact on your battery life. But repeated use is sure to take a toll.

To modify your camera's flash settings, open the BlackBerry camera app by clicking on the Camera Icon on your BlackBerry home screen.

When the camera view finder is open, click your BlackBerry Menu key, hit Options and change the Default Flash Setting to 'No'.

Hit your Escape key to exit out of the Options menu, save your changes, and your flash will be turned off the next time you open the camera. To turn it back on, simply reverse the process.

7. Add email accounts sparingly

Every time an email message or group of messages is delivered to your BlackBerry inbox, your overall device battery-life diminishes.

So, to maximise BlackBerry battery life, you should only connect 'relevant' email accounts to your smartphone.

For example, if you have your Microsoft Outlook, two Gmail accounts, a Windows Live mailbox and Yahoo all linked to your BlackBerry device, you're using a significant amount of your battery life on simply delivering email - assuming you frequently receive mail to these accounts.

You probably need your Outlook mail, especially if your BlackBerry is work-issued. But do you really require that both of those Gmail inboxes be connected to your smartphone? Do you even receive mail to that ancient Windows Live account once known as Hotmail?

It's a good practice to connect only the mailboxes you employ most frequently to your BlackBerry device, since reducing the number of mailboxes will not only increase your overall battery-life, but also de-clutter your main BlackBerry Messages folder.

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  1. These tips will help get the most out of your smartphone battery
  2. Be prepared
  3. Excessive game playing
  4. Close unused applications
  5. Disable your camera's flash