Want to improve your BlackBerry's battery life? Then first you'll need to understand which features and functions drain the power. Here's our seven tips to making your smartphone last longer.

4. Close unused applications - even if you re-open them soon

Again, I addressed this point in my initial BlackBerry battery-life tips-post, but I'm taking it a step further here.

Many BlackBerry applications utilise RIM's respected 'push' technology, which brings messages, notifications and alerts to your device almost instantly after the corresponding service receives them.

That's all fine and good - except for the fact that it takes battery life to initiative the transactions and receive new data. The more apps you have open that use some sort of auto-update process, the more battery life those apps are eating up.

So while my initial related tip was merely to close all 'power-hogging' apps when they're not in use, today I'm suggesting you close ALL apps when you're not employing them.

You won't receive updates or notifications, but you can always just reopen a specific app if you want to check it.

This also goes for IM applications, like BeeJive or IM+, which many BlackBerry users leaving running constantly.

If you're a heavy IM user, this tip may not play out for you. But if you're like me and rarely use IM via BlackBerry, except to initiate a quick conversation, you'll be better off leaving your IM apps deactivated until you need them.

A quick way to determine which apps are running at a given time is to open up your BlackBerry Application Switcher ribbon by holding down the BlackBerry Escape key - directly to the right of your trackball/trackpad - for a few seconds.

The core BlackBerry phone, browser, messages, BlackBerry Messenger and home screen icon cannot be closed, but anything else that shows up in your app switcher can be shutdown via the application menus.

5. Standby mode is your friend

You can quickly and easily put many BlackBerry devices into ‘Standby Mode' to conserve battery life when not in use, among other things.

Standby Mode is different than the BlackBerry screen/keypad lock in that it not only freezes your device keyboard, but also deactivates your display, saving power.

You activate Standby Mode in different ways depending on your BlackBerry device, but some new devices can be put into standby by simply holding the Mute key on the top right or left of the device.

For example, I put my BlackBerry Bold 9700 into standby every time it goes into my pocket by holding the Mute key on the top-right of the device.

(Check your owner's manual or search Google if you can't determine how to activate standby on your specific handset. Note: As far as I know, the Storm2 does not have a Standby Mode.)

You'll need to push the Mute key again - or re-enter whatever key combo activates standby - to turn it off. So if you find that your device is on but won't start up when you press keys, ensure it's not in standby.

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  1. These tips will help get the most out of your smartphone battery
  2. Be prepared
  3. Excessive game playing
  4. Close unused applications
  5. Disable your camera's flash