Want to improve your BlackBerry's battery life? Then first you'll need to understand which features and functions drain the power. Here's our seven tips to making your smartphone last longer.

1. Be prepared

The Boy Scouts were really on to something with the whole 'Be Prepared' thing.

This sentiment sums up the whole practice of maximising your BlackBerry battery life, because if you're always prepared from what's coming next, you're a hell of a lot more likely to have a charged up BlackBerry battery to accompany you to whatever that task may be.

First on the list of preparations: a BlackBerry travel charger. I'd rather leave my home without my credit card than my spare BlackBerry charger.

In fact, I have one spare charger in my car, two more at my home and work desks, another in my laptop bag and one more beside my bedside, so my device is always 'fresh' when I wake every morning.

Next up: Spare batteries. I currently own four compatible batteries for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 - it certainly didn't hurt that the BlackBerry 9700 employs the same battery as the Bold 9000, my last device.

I carry two fully-charged batteries in my laptop bag, one in my vehicle and another spare is sitting in a home-office desk drawer as I write this. And two of those batteries are extended power-packs from smartphone-accessory-maker, Seidio.

I also have BlackBerry charge pods on both my desks, which are meant for convenience, but they've quickly become one of my favourite BlackBerry add-ons.

The charge pods are simple cradles you plug into a wall outlet or USB port on your computer and then just drop in your device whenever it needs power.

The point of all this: I keep a spare battery and a charger in all of the places where I'm most likely to need them if my current battery runs out. And you should too.

BlackBerry batteries really aren't expensive, especially if you're using an older handheld - neither are chargers. And the £15 or so you'll need to drop to pick one up will seem well worth it when you actually need a replacement battery.

I usually go to Amazon for my BlackBerry battery needs.

It's also a very good habit to charge your device whenever possible, even if you still have 50 percent or more battery-life left.

I'm more likely to charge my device while working using one of the above-mentioned pods, because I've become used to seeing the digital clock that displays once my device is placed in the cradle. This helps me to remember to charge frequently.

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  2. Be prepared
  3. Excessive game playing
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