Smartphones often contain a lot of personal data, such as emails, contacts and even sign-in details for social networks such as Facebook, and BlackBerry's are no exception. However, this can cause a problem when you decided to swap your existing handset for a new one.

Perhaps you're giving your old handset to a friend or family member. Alternatively you may be selling it on eBay or cash for phone services like Mazuma. Either way, it's wise to remove all your personal data before you pass it on. A factory reset is the best way to do this.

It's also worth remembering to remove the phone's SIM card and memory card before you pass the handset on.

Step one
From the Home screen, select Options and then Security options.

Step two
From the list displayed, choose General settings and then press the Menu key.

Step three
Select the Wipe handheld option. You'll be asked to confirm you want to wipe the device and whether you want to include third-party apps and their related data in the reset. If so, make sure the box next to third-party apps is checked. Then press ok.

Step four
Next, you'll be required to enter the password for your BlackBerry and then the factory reset will begin.