An Android tablet (or Google Android phone for that matter) is a wonderful thing. As soon as you get it out of its box you can do all manner of things with it from send email to browse the web, manage your diary to text your friends, take photos to play games.

But if you ignore the applications market you are putting your Android device at a severe and serious disadvantage. One of the reasons Android in general is so popular, both on smartphones and on tablets, is the superb application store.

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There are tens of thousands of applications available and they cover just about any subject you can think of. There are applications for serious stuff like word processing and spreadsheeting – you know, the kinds of things you might do at work. There are applications for leisure, and for gaming. And in between there are thousands of applications for hobbyists, for practical activities, really just about everything you could possibly want to do.

That's great, of course. But even better, many of the applications are free. This means there is no initial outlay of money before you find out whether or not you actually find an application useful.

The big plus point here is that you can try an application and if it doesn't suit, you can delete it. You can test out a number of different applications that do similar things, and choose the one that suits you the best.

Because the difference between an application that works for you and one that works for someone else can be very small, maybe just a difference in look and feel, maybe the presence of one extra small feature, this is a superb way of making sure everything is just as you like it.

The vast variety of apps available helps mean your tablet never feels old or tired. As your interested change, you can find apps that help you pursue them. As you complete one game, you can find another to help you relax. And with new applications popping up all the time there is a constant change over in terms of what is available. By making the most of applications you can keep your Android tablet fresh all the time.

The Android Market is the main way of getting third party applications onto your Android tablet. But it might not be the only way available to you. Samsung, for example, also has an Android app store, and this is pre installed onto all its Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. It has different apps to those you'll find in the Android Market, and again some are free, some are charged for. There are fewer apps available in the Samsung app store than the Android Market, but it is nice to have two separate sources of software at your fingertips.

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