Remembering phone numbers is a job few people bother with these days, as your phone stores all your contacts' details. It might be that you can’t commit to memory your own number, but should you need it for any reason, we explain how to find out what is your number on different phones and networks.

One of the quickest ways to find out your number is to ring another phone that you can access.

So long as you haven’t chosen to withhold your number, it will be displayed on the other phone’s screen as an incoming call.

If the other phone already has your details stored as a contact your name might appear instead, but a quick visit to the contacts app and a search for your name should bring up all your contact information, including your number.

If you don’t have another phone to hand, send an SMS (a text message) to a friend and ask them to tell you what number you’re using.

How can I find my number on an iPhone?

Open the Phone app and tap Contacts at the bottom. Your card will be at the top of the list: tap it and you’ll see your own phone number.

How to find your iPhone number

How do I find my number on an Android phone?

If your phone runs stock Android, such as a Google Pixel, Nexus, a Motorola phone or something running Android One, open the Contacts app and your number will be listed at the top. (If you haven’t set up a contact for yourself, you might instead see ‘Set up my profile’, which you should do anyway.)

On other Android phones, you might be able to find your number in the Settings app, but it isn’t always listed. Look for the About phone or About device menu and with that, look for Status.

In the Status menu you should see Phone number.

How can I get my number from my phone provider?

Here’s how to get your number from various carriers:

  • EE: Text the word NUMBER to 150
  • Vodafone: On your phone dialler, enter *#100# (turn off Wi-Fi first if you use Wi-Fi calling)
  • O2 & giffgaff: Text the word NUMBER to 2020
  • T-Mobile: Use the phone dialler and enter #686#
  • Telstra: Use the phone dialler and enter #150#

Those on Verizon and AT&T will have to phone customer services or use another method, as these carriers don’t offer an equivalent service.

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