If you've got an iPhone, then you probably take it everywhere you go. That means you're taking a pretty decent camera everywhere you go too, which inevitably means you end up taking lots of photos on it. Because the iPhone has a good camera built in, each photo takes up roughly 2-2.5 megabytes of space on your iPhone, and that can start filling up your iPhone's memory pretty fast.

Luckily it is very easy to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your PC or Mac. Read our step by step guide and free up some space on your iPhone without having to delete any precious photos.



Step one

Make sure iTunes isn't open and plug in your iPhone via the USB lead.

Step two

Wait for the pop-up that asks you what you would like to do with this device and then select view content.

Step three

Select the pictures folder, select the photos you want to transfer and the right click on them and click copy (or press ctrl c).

Step four

Create and/or open the folder where you want to store your iPhone photos and paste (ctrl p) your pictures into that folder. You can then delete the pictures you do not want to store on your iPhone, safe with the knowledge that you have the photos backed up on your PC.



Step one

Plug in your iPhone via the USB lead.

Step two

Launch Preview and open the File menu and select Import From iPhone.

Step three

At the bottom of the window you will see the label Import To next to that you will see a drop down box. If you want to change where you save you photos you can do it from this drop down box.

Step Four

You can can either select photos you want to save individually by highlighting them and clicking Import, or you can simply press import all to save all the photos.