While backing-up the contacts on your BlackBerry to a SIM card is a great way to ensure you don't lose names, numbers and email addresses if your handset has to be wiped, it doesn't protect you if you lose the smartphone itself. This where backing up your contacts to a memory card comes in.

Unlike Google Android smartphones, BlackBerry's don't allow users to back-up their contacts direct from the handset to a memory card. However, it can be done by connecting the device to your PC and uses the same steps as backing-up contacts direct to your computer.

This means that should you be unfortunate enough to lose your smartphone, you'll have a record of all the names and numbers you need. Here's how to do it.

Step one
First connect a memory card into your PC, either via an internal or external card reader.

Step two
Next, make sure BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC. If its not, in can be downloaded from BlackBerry's website .

Step three
Now connect your BlackBerry to your PC using the bundled USB cable. BlackBerry Desktop Manager should launch automatically. If not, press Start and select the program from the list.

Step four
Select the Backup and Restore tab in the software and then press Advanced options.

Step five
From here select the contact list, and press Back up.

Step six
Next you'll be asked to specify a location for the back-up to be saved to. Select the media card, which will have been identified as a removable drive and assigned a letter (eg E). The back up will now begin.