Have you ever had to troubleshoot a computer for a friend or family member on the phone and wished you could just be there to see what was happening yourself? If you were there in person, no doubt the issue could be fixed really quickly without having to decipher what your aunt Mable was actually doing. Well, happily there are tools available to you that let you take over another computer as if you were sat there in person – you can control everything as if the PC was right there in front of you.

LogMeIn is a service that you can use for free to access remotely any PC anywhere in the world. So, should you be called to give PC support in the middle of the night you can dive in and take control of the PC, fix the problem and go back to bed. Even better you can use the software to simply watch what’s happening on-screen and let the user know where they’re going wrong or teach them a better way to get things done.

Of course, you can just use the tool to control a PC in your own house, say you have an old PC set up to be a backup server or for streaming music and video, then you can use LogMeIn to administer those. No need for a monitor, keyboard or mouse, simply login when the need arises.

There are two simple parts to the process of taking control of a remote PC. Firstly, you need to setup an account at logmein.com and then download and install the software on both computers. There are paid versions of LogMeIn, but the free one is great for simple connections.

The LogMeIn service uses 256-bit SSL encryption so your connection is perfectly secure and you can set further security settings such as IP address filtering to make it even more protected.

One of the best features of LogMeIn is the cross compatibility of the service. It doesn’t matter if you are logging in from a Mac or PC, there’s even an app that allows you to control a computer right from your smartphone.

No matter where you are or what device you use you’ll always have access to your PC with the LogMeIn service.

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