Naturally, when you go on holiday the idea is to leave the office behind and unwind. However, we all know a laptop can be a great tool when you’re away. From keeping track of your digital documentation like tickets and reservations to watching DVDs in airport waiting lounges and on long flights, a laptop can be indispensible. Copying your pictures across from a digital camera to keep your memory cards clear is a benefit too and, of course you can keep track of your emails just in case. 

However, taking a laptop away can be a bit worrying as what will happen if you lose it or it’s stolen or broken? Before you even go on holiday you should mitigate against these eventualities by making sure you have a full backup of your data and checking to see if items like a computer are covered by your holiday insurance. 

You’ll want to protect your laptop with an appropriate case and remember that in this day and age you should check with the airline to make sure that you have the baggage allowance in both weight and size. Also, with all the security checks in airports try to find something that gives you quick access to the computer so you can unpack and pack it quickly when needed. The case you choose will need to go in your hand luggage but make sure that it’s sturdy so that it protects the contents. Bags get stuffed and jostled in the overhead compartments so will need some padding to make sure that your PC is protected. 

The vast majority, if not all, power packs are compatible with any power supply worldwide today, but remember that plugs vary widely by region so make sure you get a travel adaptor. Don’t forget to pack the charger too, of course. As tourists are often targets for petty crime when abroad also make sure that you keep your laptop somewhere secure and if possible in a safe when you’re out and about. 

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