QUESTION Asus Eee PC 1008HA netbook runs Windows 7 and uses a Realtek HD Audio sound chip. It has shortcut buttons above the keyboard that are intended to control audio functions such as volume and mute. Following a recent driver update for the sound card, as advised by Driver Detective, they no longer function correctly. Phil Vickers

HELPROOM ANSWER This is a common occurrence when you install generic drivers on equipment that needs more complicated software to control it. Your sound chip requires a driver that tells it what to do when you press the volume or mute shortcut key, for example.

Applications such as Driver Detective are often to blame for installing the incorrect driver and should generally be avoided. Only install drivers downloaded directly from the manufacturer's support site or Windows Update.

To fix the sound problem, click Start, type device manager in the Search box and press Enter. Expand the 'Sound, video and game controllers' option, right-click your sound chip and choose Properties. Select the Driver tab, then click 'Roll back driver'. Reboot the laptop.

If the buttons still refuse to function correctly, you'll need to reinstall the Asus driver. Go to to find software downloads for the Eee PC 1008HA on Asus' website. Select 'Windows 7' from the Operating System drop-down menu, then expand the Audio option. Download the new driver, but don't install it yet.

As before, click Start, type device manager in the Search box and press Enter. Find and right-click your existing audio driver under 'Sound, video and game controllers', then choose Properties. On the Driver tab choose to uninstall the faulty driver. Only then should you install the new driver you downloaded from the Asus support site.

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