Laptop tracking software: Conclusion

Find My iPhone and miTracker do not take photos with the laptop’s built-in webcam and so they cannot show you who is using your computer. Aside from they are quite good and can lock the laptop and erase files. The main restriction with Find My iPhone is that it can only be used with Apple devices, but it’s free.

Norton takes photos and has remote locking, but you cannot delete your personal files remotely. Some people may worry the thief could find a way around the lock and access the disk.

For these reasons we recommend either LoJack or Prey. Prey is free for up to three devices and you can easily test all of its features, checking the location, grabbing desktop and webcam snapshots and so on, whereas LoJack isn’t free and you can’t test it as thoroughly.

However, there are lots of recovery stories on the LoJack website and the service has a good reputation. If you’re keen to save money, install Prey, but if you want to leave everything in Absolute Software’s hands, buy LoJack.


LoJack for Laptops
Install LoJack and let Absolute Software attempt to recover your laptop


Prey project - track your laptop
Install Prey for free and recovery is entirely in your hands