The new touchscreen computer explosion has seen growth in a secondary issue for many computer and tablet users. The curse of the greasy, smudged and fingerprint covered screen is something that most computer users are becoming aware of as more and more devices are touch enabled.

The first way of dealing with this is often a bit of old tissue found at the bottom of a bag or the end of your sleeve, however this isn’t the best or most effective method of keeping your screen clean. With laptops and tablets that have hard-wearing Corning glass it can be tempting to just wipe the screen with any old cloth, but really you should use the proper equipment.

First up you’ll need a microfiber cloth, these are specially designed to lift the grease and fingerprints off without scratching or doing any other damage to the screen. These are often supplied with new laptops and smartphones so take a look in the box before rushing out to buy one. If you really, really want to keep the screen smudge free at all times then get a couple and keep them with you in your laptop case.

There are other solutions that can help, wipes that have been chemically treated to lift grime off a screen and specialist cleaning kits. The wipes are a bit like a wet wipe though made specifically for screens. The chemicals won’t do anything to damage the screen or surrounding bodywork. Special cleaning kits contain all manner or tools to help you keep things sparkling.

It might sound a bit like overkill to be getting specialist cleaning products for a tablet or laptop screen, but with so much interaction happening on-screen nowadays it’s something that you’ll find needs more attention. Whatever you use always be gentle and make sure that it’s safe to use on a screen.