One of the advantages of the recent spate of convertible touchscreen laptops that can become tablets is that there are a host of cool new things you can do with them. Of course the novelty of spinning your laptop screen may never wear off and can’t fail to impress your friends, but there are some genuinely useful ways to take advantage of this newly rejuvenated PC form factor.

In a business context the convertible laptop is probably most useful as a presentation tool. You can spin the screen so it’s facing a client or business associate and give a presentation with them looking at the screen while you still have control of the keyboard.

Using your convertible on-the-go is another cool way to leave a traditional laptop in the shade. With a touchscreen convertible you can ditch the pens and clipboards too. Enter details into an Excel spreadsheet or search the net when you’re walking around the office, for example, in a much better way than with a traditional old laptop.

If you are out and about a convertible makes an awesome map too. You can use a dedicated mapping application to get directions or see satellite images of your location to help get your bearings. With a net connection you also have the advantage of interactive maps that you can search for the nearest garage, restaurant or similar.

It’s not all work, work, work, though as there are some more fun activities that a convertible laptop can perform. Children can really benefit from a touch interface for instance. With the confusing keyboard out of the way a child can really get to grips with games from the Windows app store. Finger painting is a firm favourite with younger kids and there are interactive storybooks for when they are a little older.

For more grown-up games a convertible laptop is great too. Put it flat on the table and you have instant and infinite board game possibilities. You can play Scrabble, Monopoly and other favourites without worrying about the clutter or losing pieces of the board game.

When you’re not using a laptop it’s often simply put away in a cupboard or drawer, but that’s just a waste of the high-resolution screens we have nowadays. When you’re not using a flip screen laptop you could set it up to run a screen saver of your favourite images giving you an instant, constantly updating photo frame. 

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